Lions xD

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Class: mammals
Series: carnivores
Family: Cats

Lion where he lives?
Leo lives in the savannas, the steppes and thin forests of Central Africa. In Asia, they live only in protected areas. He lives there for about 300 units.
We just live in a zoo or circus.

How it looks?
Lion is one of the largest felines. Its body length is 140-250 cm. The tail is 90 to 105 cm long. At the tail end of the bunch - with a little tuft of hair cubes, a thorn. It is high from 100 to 130 cm. Lion weighs 120 to 250 kg. Left between 120 and 175 kg. His skin is one color. Coat adult lion is brown or reddish. Males usually darker mane.

Distinguishing it from other predators?
Leo is the other large cats differs mane. Lion's mane protects against injuries while fighting for position in the group.

What are feeds?
Lion live antelopes, zebras, giraffes, buffalo, hippopotamus cubs, elephants and gorillas. Dare to challenge the adult elephants, rhinoceros, African buffalo and adult gorillas.
When nothing is found in nature, the food goes to the village.

Who fishes?
Lion hunt completely differently than other big cats - not alone, but in the group. They hunt mainly female and young lions. Old lions patrolling their territory ručaním. Prey eat all together. Levy when eating intimidated opponents.

How to hunt?
Group of lions and birds surrounds nip her escape.

Where fish prefer?
Left prefer to hunt in the swamps.

It is a solitary animal?
Lev is the only cat that lives in family groups. The number of lions in a group is 7 - 10 Group consists of males, females and juveniles. Group 1 or 2 results in the strongest males.

Is it possible to tame a lion?
Leo can be easily tamed. Get used to captivity. Leo can not let run wild. Since people must be separated by a fixed grid. It is a carnivore nonetheless.

What's juveniles?
Pregnant female is 100 to 120 days. Pregnant lioness leaves the group. In the covert bears four to six pups. Juveniles remain in the shelter. In the hideout until their mother called. 3 to 5 pups will die before 3 years. Lioness who is breast chicks need to eat 6 kg of meat.

What is the relationship of the pups?
When a mother brings her cubs into the group, they start young ovoniavať, touch them, rub on each other. Thus, juveniles receive "tickets" to the group. Lev - recognize their father by their scent, smell.

All my life a group leader?
After some time the leader of the group becomes stronger lion. The lion kills the very young lions. Lioness is ready to accept him, and give birth to his offspring. Old leader of the group to leave.

Who commands?
The lions there is patriarchy. Even the weakest lion facing left stronger. In foraging and division of districts decided by the Left.
Why lions revu?
Large pipes rev lions used to draw attention to foreign lions. Thus, say foreign lion, the territory is occupied, and they are ready to defend it against enemies.

Live long?
Most of the young lions die in battle with enemies. Often will not survive even 4 years. Left to live to 15, rarely 30 years.

Lion has a nickname?
Lev hermitage got the nickname "king of animals. "

Notes lion man?
Lion man ignores when it neprenasleduje man.

Ye perish off?
Leo has a little wild and diet. Therefore, decreasing the lions.